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Hump Day (Wednesday) Zentangle® Challenge #2 – Independence Day Edition

June 26, 2019 3 comments

Zentangle fireworks

Based on feedback I received from my first Friday Zentangle challenge last week, I’m changing our Zentangle challenge day to “Hump Day” a/k/a Wednesday. At about noon Sometime on Wednesdays, most workers realize they have finished half the work week and are thus over the proverbial “hump”. What better way to celebrate the workweek being […]

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Friday Zentangle®Challenge #1: Back to Basics

June 21, 2019 12 comments

Zentangle tiles

Some Boomeresque readers know that in addition to being addicted to Zentangle®, I’m also very fond of Mr. Excitement, travel, sunsets, flora (even though no plant species is safe in my care), and dogs. Most blog gurus strongly recommend niche blogs; that is, pick a narrow topic and only write about that. It turns out, […]

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Zentangle Diva Challenge #276 – Fall Snow on Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square Edition

November 15, 2018 15 comments

Lion statue in Rittenhouse Square.

If you’re new to the Zentangle method, you should start here.  If you only want to see beautiful photos of the snow on Rittenhouse Square, you can scroll down. Otherwise, let’s get right to this week’s  Zentangle Diva challenge which was to use 2 semi-circles as the string for our tile. Laura (the Diva) also […]

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Zentangle Diva Challenge #371 – Back in Philadelphia Edition

October 12, 2018 8 comments

Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

Last weekend, I officially moved myself from our summer beach place in Brigantine, New Jersey, back to the City of Brotherly Love (and Sisterly Affection), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You know you’re back in Philly when a 19th century Rittenhouse Square  townhouse is festooned with one American flag and 2 Eagles Nation flags. (For non-USAers, the Eagles are […]

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Zentangle Diva Tangles 269-70: Procrastination Edition ⏳

October 2, 2018 7 comments

Zentangle Diva Challenge using Mezzanine

I’m supposed to be writing a blog post about our trip to the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. It was one of our best trips, but I’m having a severe case of procrastination, a/k/a writer’s block. Seriously, we were there in February. It’s now October. The hour glass in the title of this […]

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Seespan: A Boomeresque Continuous Line Tangle

September 28, 2018 6 comments

The silver lining for this year of distressing cable news in the United States is that it seems to inspire me want to be creative as I watch listen. I meld my politics addiction with my Zentangle method addiction. My latest tangle can best be described as a continuous line tangle. Linda Farmer of encouraged me […]

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Zentangle Diva Challenge #368 – Visit to New York City Edition

September 21, 2018 30 comments

Park Avenue Synagogue, New York City, dome

I participated in the weekly Zentangle Diva Challenge the day after returning to Philadelphia from a weekend visit to New York City, a/k/a the Big Apple, a/k/a Gotham, a/k/a the City that Never Sleeps. (If you have absolutely no interest in doodling on steroids, scroll down to read more about our New York City Sojourn. […]

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Zentangle Diva Challenges #366-7 – She’s Back!!! Edition

September 9, 2018 9 comments

cloudscape Brigantine New Jersey

The Zentangle Diva, Laura, took a break from posting her weekly challenges and I admit I was experiencing withdrawal pangs. Although I’m enough of a Zentangle® junkie that I never stopped tangling, especially while watching cable TV news, I missed the discipline imposed by the Diva’s challenges. She eased us back in gently for challenge #366 […]

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Dinoflor – A New Organic Tangle from Boomeresque

August 9, 2018 18 comments

dinoflor monotangle

I’ve been watching waaaay too much cable news. The silver lining is that I don’t really watch. I listen while I tangle #1) because I enjoy tangling, and #2) to stay at least relatively sane. I realize this is a subversion of the Zentangle® method which should be undertaken in a calm setting, perhaps with […]

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Spangles, A New Boomeresque Tangle (With Apologies to Francis Scott Key)

June 4, 2018 17 comments

Spangles, a new boomeresque tangle

With the caveat that I’ve tried to do due diligence to discover whether this is already a named tangle, here is Spangles, a new Boomeresque tangle. It’s a little embarrassing to admit that the genesis of this tangle is nothing in particular. I suspect it started when I was doing some old-fashioned, traditional doodling while […]

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