1. Adj.: Describing a person born between 1 Jan. 1946 and 31 Dec. 1964
2. Adj.: Description of a person, place or thing possessing Baby Boomer je ne sais quoi
3. See also, Boomer, Esq.: A Baby Boomer who is also a licensed attorney (See, e.g., About).

Political Opinion

Zentangle Diva Challenges – Insomnia Edition

November 10, 2016 19 comments

(New to Zentangle, start here.) It’s November 10th, three days after the USA shocked over half of it’s voters (and all of the pundits) by electing you know who. I’m still too numb to mention his name. I was intending to write a therapeutic blog post about our election after having been consumed by it […]

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Zentangle Diva Challenge #275 – Give Peace a Chance

July 12, 2016 23 comments

Peace sign

At one time, I harbored the belief that I had a pure travel blog. On the other hand, the tag line for this Boomeresque blog is “Baby Boomer Travels for the Body and Mind”. Let’s just call this exposition, mind travel. This week, the Zentangle Diva used a guest post by none other than—moi! The […]

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#59 Travel Photo Roulette (Revolution) – Results Edition

July 7, 2013 17 comments

Thank You! to all 27  bloggers who contributed photos to the 59th round of Photo Travel Roulette (June 27th through July 4th) with Revolution as the theme. Thanks for making my task in selecting a winner so difficult! As I hoped, there were many different “takes” on the term. Here’s how I described the theme: Revolution […]

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#59 Travel Photo Roulette — REVOLUTION

June 27, 2013 92 comments

July 8, 2013  AND WE HAVE A WINNER!  SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ALL 27 ENTRIES IN ROUND #59 OF PHOTO TRAVEL ROULETTE AND THEN CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WINNER AND RUNNERS UP  **************************************************************************** While I am grateful to have been chosen by the Gypsy Nesters to host the 59th round of Travel Photo Roulette, I’m […]

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Election Day in the USA — What Could Go Wrong?

November 5, 2012 12 comments

Polling Place Attorney Badge

For Boomeresque readers from across The Pond—and across The Other Pond (I’m talking about Aussies, Kiwis and people living in Asia and on the Indian sub-continent), and our fellow North Americans and fellow other denizens of the Western Hemisphere — you may have heard we’re having an election for President of the United States tomorrow. […]

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