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Boomeresque’s Second Tangle Invention – “Segundo”

by Suzanne Fluhr on September 11, 2015 · 10 comments

Zentangle Segundo

[New to Zentangle®? You can read about it here.]

Those of you who understand Spanish know that “segundo” translates to “second” in English. This shows a marked lack of imagination on my part in naming my tangle inventions (deconstructions) since I named my first tangle, “Phirst“.

I think Segundo is what Linda Farmer (’s “mother”), would call a “continuous line” tangle. I haven’t seen Segundo before, but I’m sure I’m not familiar with every tangle ever created/ invented/deconstructed/published. (I’m obviously not sure what the proper terminology is for claiming authorship of a tangle, so if anyone can enlighten me about the proper terminology, please do.)

Without further ado, here’s Segundo, along with some tangleations and used in a tile. I’ve included some pointers below.

Boomeresque Tangle Segundo


This is how the basic tangle is constructed:

  1. Start with a line of connected alternating forward facing and backward “S’ curves. However, the “S’s” are a little bit elongated. The “S” curves should be at least approximately the same size.
  2. Draw parallel straight lines starting at the midpoint of the bottom of each half “S” curve to a little past the top of the adjacent curve.
  3. Draw straight lines to connect the “top” of each vertical line to meet the “bottom” of the vertical lines starting at the bottom of each adjacent curve. (It’s a good thing a picture is worth a thousand words.)

Tangleation of SegundoFor a more open effect, you can stop there. If you want to proceed, you can fill in the tangle in the several manners I demonstrated. In one tangleation, you can draw lines to complete box shapes for a different look. As an afterthought, I decided to see what Segundo would look like if curves are of different sizes. I quite like the way it turned out, so I’ve included it here.

Please let me know if you know that this tangle already exists with another name. And seriously, what is the right terminology to describe coming up with a new tangle? This inquiring mind wants to know.

Zentangle Segundo

And one last tangleation of Segundo.




                   Tangle on!

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