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What to Expect When You’re …Working Abroad

by Jeremy on September 25, 2012 · 0 comments

flags from around the globe

(This post is not really by Jeremy.  It’s by me (Just One Boomer).  Jeremy was not even a gleam in my eye when I was an expat in Mexico, England and Colombia.)

flags from around the globe

Back in the day, when I was a Baby Boomer expat living  in Mexico (1963), England (1969-70) and Colombia (1974 ), contemplating living, working or studying abroad was a truly daunting proposition. Unlike now, obtaining reliable information about one’s new country and its customs, mores, food, politics and education system was hit and miss.  Even moving to another English speaking country could be head spinning.  Based on my own experiences living in England before the internet, George Bernard Shaw’s observation that England and the United States were “two nations divided by a common language” was spot on.

If you’re an expat today, you can hit the ground so much better informed thanks to websites such as InterNations which can prepare you for what to expect when you’re working abroad.  You won’t have to be as clueless as my father was when he accepted an exchange teaching position in England in 1969.  Our family of five ended up living in two rooms over a pub while my parents tried to figure out the housing possibilities in our small English town.

InterNations is a social network devoted solely to expats, but it’s not another Facebook, because those who register must then be approved.  Even with the approval process, it is easy to access the benefits of the Internations website. You can simply register for the free Basic Membership and start exploring the site.  As will quickly become evident, InterNations makes it quite simple to get in touch with other expats who can help ease your transition.

Like other helpful platforms for expats, InterNations also has a range of forums for over 300 countries and cities popular with expats around the world.  Through the postings on these forums, others can share with you what it’s like to work in, or move to, a particular place.  InterNations also has plenty of up to date information on hundreds of places worldwide. This information ranges from the absolute necessities, like tips for finding housing or taking care of the visa requirements, to information that will help you locate restaurants and pubs.

You can also use Internations to meet other expats in your new area. In each location, InterNations has communities which set up meetings and activities. The bigger the city, the more activities and events that take place.  However, even if you will be moving to a smaller community, InterNations can provide suggestions and information to help you explore your new environs.

So, if you are an expat abroad,  InterNations and other expat sites can help you do your important homework to enhance your new, exciting experience.

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