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Zentangle Diva’s Challenge #210 – Expletive Deleted Edition from Tel Aviv, Israel

March 25, 2015 15 comments

Ceiling in the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

(If you’re clueless about Zentangle, start here.) This week, the Zentangle Diva, Laura Harms, challenged us to use a spiral as the string (guide) for our tile (composition). I’m afraid I got a little considerably carried away with the spiral thing. Rather than just treating it as a string, my tile has spirals coming out […]

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The Riviera Maya: Where Jungle, History and Beach Converge in Mexico

March 23, 2015 15 comments

Mayan Ruins at Tulum Mexico

Our first family vacation with our sons that did not involve the New Jersey shore, was a holiday in Mexico at an all inclusive resort just south of Playa del Carmen on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. We were there in 1994, just as the Riviera Maya was being developed as a tourist destination. For better or […]

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Zentangle Diva’s Challenge #209 – Ayvalik, Turkey Edition

March 16, 2015 31 comments

[If you’ve never heard of Zentangle, start here.] This week’s Zentangle Diva’s challenge has been a cross-cultural experience for me. As I was contemplating how I was going to “green up” a tile (composition) honoring the Christian Saint Patrick, I was sitting on the veranda of our pension in Ayvalik, Turkey, listening to battling calls […]

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Zentangle Diva’s Challenge #208 – Bon Voyage Edition

March 9, 2015 18 comments

Zentangle Diva's Weekly Challenge ##208

(Start here if you don’t have a clue what Zentangle is.) In two days we leave for our 3 week trip to Turkey and Israel. I hope I’m actually closer to being ready to leave than I feel. I spent the weekend delivering our dog, Dino, to my sisters-in-law in Cambridge, Massachusetts (part of the […]

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Cruise Report — Winter Escape on the Celebrity Silhouette

March 9, 2015 28 comments

The Celebrity Silhouette

We recently returned to a phrozen Philadelphia after a 7 day Caribbean cruise aboard the Celebrity Silhouette. When we left Philadelphia to fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where our cruise started, Philly was dealing with a “gift” from Canada—the dreaded polar vortex. My friends are all over the map (literally and figuratively) on mass market cruises. […]

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Zentangle Diva’s Challenge #207 – Bethesda, Maryland Edition

March 2, 2015 29 comments

20150302_135715_LLS-1 - Copy

[If you’re scratching your head and wondering, “Zen-what?”, start here.] I wear a few hats: recovering lawyer, mother of adult sons and one fur child, daughter of a soon to be 90 year old mother, blogger and trailing spouse. The last is why I found myself attempting today’s Diva’s challenge in a Starbucks in Bethesda, […]

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Montecristo Travels to Pisa — a Boomeresque Book Review

February 24, 2015 28 comments

Montecristo Travels to Pisa

I’m starting to feel a little inadequate. My travel blogger friends are publishing books! Earlier this month, Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All hit the stands. I published a review of this book by Veronica and David James.Now, my favorite travel blogging long haired chihuahua, Montecristo, is out with his first […]

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Zentangle Diva’s Challenge #205 – Phrozen in Philadelphia Edition

February 17, 2015 24 comments

Zentangle Diva Challenge #205

Last week, I responded to the Zentangle Diva’s Valentangle challenge from a cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea. Some of you left comments suggesting that you would rather have been there than where you were. If misery likes company, you will be happy to know that we flew back to Philadelphia on Sunday, landing when the wind […]

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Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All – a Boomeresque Book Review

February 6, 2015 22 comments

Going Gypsy: One Couple's Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All

It was one of my Millennial sons who suggested I try my hand at travel blogging. “Mom, you like to travel and you like to write. This would be perfect for you.” At the time, the travel blogs with which I was familiar were written by him and his 20 something peers. They were entertaining […]

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Zentangle Diva’s Challenge #203 – “Get Me Outta Here” Edition

February 2, 2015 27 comments

Diva 202 B043 - Copy

(If you are sitting there scratching your head and wondering, Zen—what? who?, you may want to start here for my take on it (prior to my upcoming training to be a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) after which my take is likely to change.) It’s the first Monday of the month, so this week is a […]

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