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Hump Day Zentangle Challenge #26 – Crazy Edition

January 9, 2020 4 comments

Crazy Quilt in color, Zentangle Inspired art

I picked”crazy” as the theme for this week’s Hump Day Zentangle Challenge before I knew this week would be crazy in a geopolitical sense. I was thinking about: CRAZY QUILTS Why reinvent the wheel? Wikipedia has an entry about crazy quilts that includes some photos of them. According to Wikipedia, Crazy quilting began to be […]

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Hump Day Zentangle Challenge #25 – What’s Your 2020 Word? Edition

January 2, 2020 11 comments

Zendala Reimagine Reinvention

Let me start by wishing everyone reading this a happy, healthy and contented new year. Seriously, how did it get to be 2020 already? It seems like only yesterday that our office IT guys were threatening to no longer support our computer system if we didn’t do a “serious” (IT Speak for expensive) upgrade before […]

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Hump Day Zentangle Challenge #23 – Random Act of Zentangle Holiday Edition

December 18, 2019 3 comments

Random Act of Zentangle tiles

I wish I could start today’s post by reporting that my back spasms and pain have resolved. They haven’t. I should buy shares in ibuprofen. Meanwhile, as you may have noticed—Christmas is in one week and Channukah starts even sooner on December 22nd this year. We have out of town relatives arriving on Christmas Day. […]

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Hump Day Zentangle Challenge #22 – Tis the Season Edition

December 6, 2019 4 comments

Zentangle peace on earth card

Those of you who are my Facebook friends know that two weeks prior to leaving on our recent five week around the world trip, I was loading the dishwasher and ended up with excruciating back spasms for no reason that was obvious to me. It was so bad I had to call my sleeping husband […]

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Hump Day Zentangle Challenge #21 – Thankful on Thanksgiving Edition

November 29, 2019 5 comments

Hump Day Zentangle Challenge

I’m afraid this is another late Hump Day Zentangle Challenge. For my non-United Stateser readers, we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. I’ve had my post Thanksgiving dinner nap (also a national tradition), and am therefore once again feeling sufficiently compos mentis to write. Thanksgiving has been celebrated on […]

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November 20, 2019 8 comments

Zentangle circles

Those in the Hump Day Zentangle Challenge Facebook group know that last week I did not post a challenge because I was feeling overwhelmed by my 94 year old mother’s situation. She fell and broke a hip a week ago on Saturday. She underwent surgery the following day and on Wednesday, she was discharged from […]

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Hump Day Zentangle® Challenge #19 – Philly Fall Edition

November 7, 2019 5 comments

Hump Day Zentangle Challenge

Two weeks ago we were reveling in spring flowers in Australia. Fast forward 9,864 miles (15,875 kilometers) and we’re ensconced back in a Philly fall (autumn) on the east coast of the United States. We live in Center City Philadelphia. I haven’t been all that impressed by the fall foliage colors this year — a […]

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Hump Day Zentangle® Challenge #18 – We’re Baaaack From Around the World and InaFlux Edition

October 31, 2019 6 comments

We’re baaaack home in Philadelphia after our 5 week around the world trip. Our last travel day was a long one from Sydney, Australia (13 hours) to San Francisco, and from San Francisco back home to Philly (5 hours)—not counting the waiting around airports time. Our last flight back home was on American Airlines, the […]

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Hump Day Zentangle® Challenge #17 – A Visit to Perth, Australia Edition

October 24, 2019 3 comments

Spring flowers, Kings Park, Perth Australia

Our Visit to Perth, Western Australia This week’s Hump Day Zentangle Challenge #17 is dedicated to the lovely city of Perth in Western Australia. During our world travels, and even on our two prior trips to elsewhere in Australia, we have met very few Australians who have been to Perth, a metropolitan area of over […]

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Hump Day Zentangle® Challenge #16 – It’s Greek to Me Edition

October 8, 2019 6 comments

Athens Greece Acropolis, Parthenon at night

I’m sorry. I just couldn’t resist the cheesy title of this week’s Hump Day Zentangle Challenge. We have been on the move and are now in the second country of our five week trip around the world. I am writing this from Bulgaria, and it looks like I need to admit that I missed a […]

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