1. Adj.: Describing a person born between 1 Jan. 1946 and 31 Dec. 1964
2. Adj.: Description of a person, place or thing possessing Baby Boomer je ne sais quoi
3. See also, Boomer, Esq.: A Baby Boomer who is also a licensed attorney (See, e.g., About).

Valentine’s Day

Zentangle Diva Challenge #254 – Love is All You Need Edition

February 8, 2016 15 comments

Zentangle inspired Art

[If you need an introduction to Zentangle®, start here.} In anticipation of upcoming Valentine’s Day, the Zentangle Diva’s challenge this week is to produce a tangled Valentine’s inspired tile. I have this perhaps sappy belief that we should celebrate Valentine’s Day everyday — that if we have been fortunate enough to have found a true […]

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Zentangle Diva’s Challenge #204 – Valentangle – Bright Blue Sea Edition

February 9, 2015 21 comments

Zentangle Diva's Valentangle challenge

Let me start by apologizing to all my Canadian, northern US friends and northern European friends for posting this from the Caribbean Sea aboard a cruise ship, the Celebrity Silhouette. If it looks like a lot of people are missing where you live in Canada, I want to assure you that they probably were not abducted […]

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Travel Down Memory Lane

January 26, 2013 39 comments

Sometimes travel is not measured in miles (or kilometers). Sometimes travel is cerebral, the view absorbed by our mind’s eye. As an aging Baby Boomer, I find myself tripping down Memory Lane more and more often. Sometimes — like for Steve and me — it happens in an elevator. As we and our four bags […]

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