1. Adj.: Describing a person born between 1 Jan. 1946 and 31 Dec. 1964
2. Adj.: Description of a person, place or thing possessing Baby Boomer je ne sais quoi
3. See also, Boomer, Esq.: A Baby Boomer who is also a licensed attorney (See, e.g., About).


Passports with Purpose 2013 – Donate to Help Build Schools in Mali (And You Might Win Cool Prizes Too!)

December 3, 2013 6 comments

As Boomeresque readers have probably divined by now, like most travel bloggers, I have a fairly serious case of wanderlust that has taken me to many parts of the world. Through my travels, I have seen the magnificence of which human beings are capable, but also those who are struggling just to subsist. In 2008, […]

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