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Should You Book the Celebrity Cruise Lines Pre-Cruise Quito Land Tour Extension?

July 9, 2018 17 comments

Equator line at Museum outside Quito, Ecuador

When I booked our bucket list Galapagos Islands cruise, I was knee deep in the thicket of planning our independent travel to Cuenca, Ecuador; and Colombia. So, I admit I took the lazy easy way out and also booked the Celebrity Cruise Lines pre-cruise Quito land tour extension. We were quite satisfied with our my choice. The […]

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Spangles, A New Boomeresque Tangle (With Apologies to Francis Scott Key)

June 4, 2018 5 comments

Spangles, a new boomeresque tangle

With the caveat that I’ve tried to do due diligence to discover whether this is already a named tangle, here is Spangles, a new Boomeresque tangle. It’s a little embarrassing to admit that the genesis of this tangle is nothing in particular. I suspect it started when I was doing some old-fashioned, traditional doodling while […]

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A Baby Boomer Travel Blogger Tries to Understand and Comply with the GDPR

May 25, 2018 17 comments

Glass of wine in Orvieto, Italy

At a recent blogger conference, I foolishly responsibly attended a session about complying with the GDPR. This acronym stands for General Data Protection Regulation. Personally, I remember it by using it as a mnemonic for G-d Damn Privacy Regulation. If you find that mnemonic blasphemous, you could remember it as Gosh Darn Privacy Regulation. In any […]

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Zentangle Diva Challenge #263 – O Canada Edition

May 14, 2018 12 comments

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

I’ve been doing the Diva’s weekly challenges, but I’ve been “out” a lot lately, so I haven’t shared them here. When I say “out”, I mean “out of the country”. In April, we spent two weeks in Italy, and a week after returning from there, I flew to Quebec City in Canada for a conference, […]

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The “New” Barnes Foundation Museum – Philadelphia Beyond the Liberty Bell

May 14, 2018 10 comments

The new Barnes Foundation museum housing the Barnes collection in Philadelphia

When you live somewhere, sometimes it takes awhile for you to visit a local landmark. I wonder how many Philadelphians have never visited the Liberty Bell. It took me 4 years to get to the “new’ Barnes Foundation Museum in Center City Philadelphia, within walking distance of our Rittenhouse Square apartment. In 2010, we moved […]

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Zentangle Diva Challenge #360 – Bella Italia Edition

April 18, 2018 13 comments

Assisi, Umbria, Italy

Ciao from Italy! (Did you know that “Ciao” means both “hello” and “good-bye” in Italian?) After the first week of our two week tour of Italy, it seemed I never said “Wow” so often in any other seven days of my life. I’m relieved I still have the capacity for wonderment at my somewhat advanced age. […]

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A Day Trip Outside Cuenca, Ecuador: Cajas National Park, Gualeceo and Chordeleg

April 8, 2018 18 comments

Chordaleg plaza

Our four night stay in Cuenca, Ecuador, gave us three full days for sight seeing. I relied on Alberto, the bilingual owner of Hotel Casa Ordonez, for suggestions. One suggestion we followed was to plan a day trip outside Cuenca City. Rather than going on a group tour, Alberto suggested hiring a taxi driver for a […]

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Zentangle Diva Challenge #358 – Back to Barcelona Edition

April 4, 2018 14 comments

Basilica of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

For the first challenge of every month, the Zentangle® Diva (Laura Harms) picks a tangle that is new to her for us to use. This month she chose Pickpocket by Tomás Padrós of Barcelona in the autonomous region of Catalunya. (I was going to say from Spain, but there’s a strong separatist movement in Catalunya […]

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Zentangle Diva Challenge #357 – Longing for Real Spring

March 26, 2018 21 comments

Rittenhouse Square snow scene in Philadelphia march 2018

In her challenge this week, the Zentangle Diva, Laura Harms, lamented that notwithstanding the date on the calendar, spring didn’t seem close to springing in Saskatoon, Canada where she lives. I was uncharitably rolling my eyes and thinking, “Canada, Duh”, until I was shivering while walking the dog here in Philadelphia, a good number of […]

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Spearator – A New Boomeresque Tangle

March 26, 2018 6 comments

New Tangle, Spearator

My tangle, Speartor, is arguably a new take on one of the Zentangle® mother ship’s original tangles, Knightsbridge. However, I think the underlying matrix is different enough for it to be its own thing. Other CZTs (Certified Zentangle Teachers) have agreed with me. So, with the caveat that there are now so many named tangles […]

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